Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Change of Direction

As an academic, I have generally valued the institution of university over other form of tertiary education.  This is not to say that other forms of education aren't valuable or worthwhile, but the career I was interested in, teaching, required a university education, which in turn necessitated a certain standard of academic achievement in high school.  I got an OP of 5, which isn't too shabby, my uni results were ok, nothing to brag about, but I passed.  I was generally encouraged towards university, and I've generally valued intellectualism over the practical, and as a result I developed somewhat of tainted opinion of TAFE and the people who attend it (not for no reason, cos man, have you met those people).

So then I accepted that my mental health had degenerated to the point where my teaching suffered far too much, I quite teaching, and signed up to do a Diploma of Graphic Design.  Through North Coast TAFE.

So I'm a TAFE student now.  I've accepted it, I'm embracing it, I plan to try and finish my diploma in half the recommended time (30 months, so I'm aiming for 15 months or less).

My husband has just, today, merely hours ago, landed a job at a promising Christian school in Gympie, where they seem very excited to have him, and he's excited to have his own Primary classroom for the first time.  I am planning to continue tutoring for this year, so teaching is definitely still a part of my life, and probably will be for some time.

But yeah, life is going in a different direction.  I'm surprisingly positive about it, considering my new situation involves not seeing my husband for most of the week.


Happy new year!

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