Sunday, 6 April 2014

End of Term 1 Reflection and Planning

Well, term 1 is already done.  It seems very quick, and both my husband and I are feeling great about school.  My 0.4 load has given me the mental space to feel actually human, so this is what I managed to get out of this term.

What I'm Happy About

  • the progress of my classes
  • the progress of the Realm of Learning
  • the plans for the yearbook thus far
  • the amount of planning I've been able to put into my lessons
  • the very (comparatively) small amount of days I've taken off this term
  • having time to work with a personal trainer
  • actually having lost a little bit of weight
  • sticking with my kj counter for about 2 weeks
  • reactions to my crochet
  • my husband's excellent rep with students and other teachers

What I'd Like To Work On

  • more group work in my classes
  • classroom management with my younger class
  • dialling down my sarcasm a bit more
  • no more crocheting in class (oops)
  • gifting my colleagues more with my new crochet skills (so far, I haven't given anyone anything)
  • organise 3 or 4 'Watch Others Work' sessions for next term
  • collecting the evidence for my full teacher registration (ugh)
  • continuing to make this blog constructive and consistently posting

if there's anyone out there...any suggestions?

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