Thursday, 6 March 2014

Teaching Techniques - Term 1, Week 6, 2014

In an effort to improve my teaching practice, I'm trying to document my current pedagogical practice and then explore their benefits/weaknesses.

'Techniques' or purposeful teaching forms I think I've used this week:

  • direct instruction/note-taking/'chalk and talk' using technology
  • quick engagement (times tables at the beginning of the lesson to 'warm up')
  • independent work, asking for help encouraged
  • independent work, using technology
  • independent work, working with person next to them encouraged
  • independent work, asking for help discouraged to push for problem solving/using notes
  • paired work outside of the classroom, followed up with in class collaboration and connection to mathematical concepts
  • whole class doing technology activity together with the teacher
  • going through task sheet and pointing out items for highlighting
  • timed work
  • feedback and reflection on supervised assessment/exam
Alright, let's see what next week brings.

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