Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Teachers like naps even if they don't have children

So today I experienced one of the best naps of my entire life.  It will sound fairly simple, but ultimately it involved a lot of things going right.

I was tired, my friend was tired, and we were out on the patio with these two ragamuffins and a (thanks to my mother) clean version of the blanket they're sitting on in this photo:
Meet Griffith and Seb.  Griff (long-haired dachshund) will nibble on anything close to the ground, and Seb (corgi) is currently wearing a cone of shame because he won't stop licking a wound on his leg.  I love these dogs, they're stumpy and adorable and drive me a bit crazy sometimes.

Previous attempts to nap on our quiet, lovely, breezy patio, have resulted in ear nibbles and corgi paw prints.  But not today.

Today, the blanket was clean.  Today, the breeze was there, as was the tiredness.  We lay down, and Griff only nibbled a little before setting to sleep in between the two of us.  Seb was very snuggly, and a lot less painful once we took of his cone.  Then, we all just slept.  Seb got pats and cuddles, Griff was still, I managed to lose track of enough time that I slept through til my tutee arrived.

It was a very special nap and deserves a post.  That is all.

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